06 Jun 2022

Basins : Conventional VS TOTO

To successfully design your bathroom into an oasis of cleanliness and well-being, selecting the right furnishings and fixtures will be crucial.

As one of the major fixtures in your bathroom, basin is a key design consideration. We use it frequently in our daily lives without us even realizing. Whether it’s to wash our hands, brush our teeth, gargle our mouths, or for men, shave our beards.

So what makes TOTO Basins stand out compared to conventional ones?

At TOTO, we have always been inspired by a desire to improve everyone’s quality of life. Simple and beautiful in appearance. Comfortable and streamlined design. Earth-friendly materials and performance. These are the essential factors that underlie all of our basins, making it the ideal choice for many. TOTO Basins are an excellent choice for every home not just because of their exquisite design and top-notch quality, but they make cleaning so much more convenient.

The exceptional design of our basins minimizes corners and edges that are difficult to clean to ensure easy maintenance. In addition to their design, the technologies incorporated into our basins, LINEARCERAM and CEFIONTECT, makes cleaning so much easier, guaranteeing unparalleled, long-lasting hygiene.


Ensuring premium quality and the greatest possible cleanliness and hygiene are TOTO’s upmost priorities when developing basins. Hence, why we exclusively use high-quality materials for our ceramics.

LINEARCERAM technology is a ceramic that uses less material but has the same stability of conventional basins. The thickness of conventional basins are normally 8mm, whereas LINEARCERAM basins are 4mm. Although its thickness is halved, the durability of both types of basins are equivalent.

This makes it eye-catchingly thin while maintaining twice the tensile strength.


TOTO developed a one-of-a-kind technology to make our basins hygienic and long-lasting. CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that makes it practically impossible for waste and bacteria to accumulate. Unlike conventional ceramic basins, TOTO’s are easier to clean – even with a microfiber cloth. Not only that, TOTO Basins are hydrophilic as well. So every time you use it, it’s almost dry.

This means less work for you, and there is no need for aggressive detergents that can actually cause damage to both your health and the environment.

TOTO’s contemporary-designed basins complement every bathroom and pair seamlessly with all kinds of bathroom furniture – and they are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

So before choosing these essentials, visit our TOTO showroom where you can see, try and ask questions. Our well-versed professionals will guide you through the selection process and make recommendations on which basin fits best for your bathroom to uplift its aesthetics.