03 Mar 2021


AUTO FUNCTIONS consists of sensor-controlled technologies activated by human movement. These auto functions aim to provide convenience with its ease of use and increase the hygiene level in the bathroom.

Auto Open & Close Toilet Lid

The self-opening and -closing toilet lid are activated through motion sensors. Eliminating the need to touch the toilet surfaces, the lid automatically opens and closes when the toilet is approached and departed. TOTO’s Auto Open and Close Toilet Lid is available in our Neorest and Washlet series.

Auto Flush

Never worry about forgetting to flush again with TOTO’s sensor-activated toilet flush function- its automatic after each use. TOTO’s Auto Flush is available in our Neorest and Washlet series.

Auto Sensor

Sensor-operated faucets and hand dryers, eliminating the need for levers or buttons to touch. Simply wave your hand over the sensor to activate the device.


AUTO FUNCTIONS is especially useful in public bathrooms as they require less maintenance compared to their traditional counterparts.


Improved Sanitation

There is more traffic in public restrooms compared to your home toilet, meaning more deposits. Having more deposits and having a leaky or defective flushing system is asking for trouble as what lingers can lead to serious odour and germ problems. There’s also the problem of some people forgetting to flush, which is, by all means, a complete problem on its own. Having an automatic system could give you the stress-free convenience of safeguarding a full flush after each use to ensure all waste is disposed off quickly and effectively. This applies to auto faucets and auto hand-dryers as well- simply wave your hand near the sensor to wash your hands instead of touching the possibly germ-infested lever.


Consume Less

Economically speaking, sanitaryware that incorporate AUTO FUNCTIONS consume less water and energy as it is only in use when triggered by motion. Faucets will only run when movement is detected and urinals and toilets will only flush when triggered by the motion sensors.

Moreover, with an automatic system, you can save repair and maintenance costs as there are fewer people physically handling your sanitaryware, meaning less clumsy handling and possible damages.


Peace of Mind

Having an automatic system can give you a peace of mind especially if you have young children or elderly using the facilities. They may find it difficult to do a complete flushing in traditional units as some of the flushing systems or lever might be difficult to work. Those with arthritis could also benefit from having an automatic function as it doesn’t involve applying pressure on their joints.