05 Jun 2023

Which is better? Sitting or Squatting?

Have you ever wondered which is the better position when using the toilet, whether it’s sitting or squatting? If that thought has ever cross your mind, then this article is just for you.

Well, according to health experts all over the world, most have agreed that we are doing it all wrong by sitting in the toilet and not squatting, even though squatting is considered to be uncivilized. We as society might think that toilets help to take the strain off our body, but in actual fact, it strains us in worse ways than we know.

Did you know that spending too much time on the toilet can lead to pressure on your rectum and anus? The longer you sit, the more blood can accumulate in the rectal veins, which eventually causes hemorrhoids to occur. And when hemorrhoids begins to swell inside the anus area, it can be extremely painful and excruciating. Scientists believe that the issue with sitting on the toilet is that it keeps the kink in your lower bowel from straightening out. And because of that, you’re forced to push harder in order to let everything out of your body.

Nonetheless, sitting has its own benefits as well. For those with mobility difficulties or who have trouble getting up from a low position, sitting on a toilet bowl might be much more convenient and comfortable.

Squatting, on the other hand, allows your puborectalis (a thick narrow, medial part of the levator ani) to relax and straightens out your colon. The anorectal angle will then widen to allow your stool to have a clearer and straighter route out. With that, the evacuation process is faster, much more easier, requires less straining and empties the bowels more thoroughly compared to sitting.

However, there’s no concrete evidence to prove that squatting can prevent or cure haemorrhoids and constipations as many studies have suggested.

So what’s the conclusion? In all honesty, it depends. Whether you opt between squatting and sitting on a toilet depends on personal preferences, your own physical capabilities, and cultural norms. Because at the end of the day, yes personal health is crucial, but at the same time, it’s also equally important to find a suitable position that makes you feel comfortable and allows for elimination of waste properly, as well as practicing good bowel habits for your overall digestive system.