25 Jul 2022

What makes TOTO Wardrobes so exclusive?

TOTO Wardrobes are designed with the finest materials and finishing to provide a highly personalized design experience. Leveraging on their impeccable attention to details and departing from the one-size-fits-all approach, TOTO Wardrobe systems are tailor-made and combine versatility, functionality, and comfort perfectly to meet our ever-evolving lifestyle demands.

Our comprehensive range of modules are designed to optimize space and and complement the shape and size of the space while delivering reliable durability and precise functionality.


Realizing the significant roles of woods and trees in minimizing the impact of global warming, TOTO has since been very selective in choosing their wood supplier. This is because sustainable forestry management has always been their main priority to ensure that any sort of activity carried out does not harm the environment.

Moreover, extensive research has been conducted to search for better solutions in maximizing the usage of wood during the production stage. One of the solutions is by developing a honeycomb structure made of recycled paper between thin layers of chipboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF). As a result, a thick board can be obtained with lesser wood usage, leading to the development of a lighter board.


Naturally, wood is prone to swell and warp when exposed to water-based elements. However, the wood materials used in TOTO is protected with a moisture-repellent resin to improve its resistance towards moisture.

This will allow the materials to last longer compared to an ordinary wood, specifically in an environment with high humidity.


Have you ever smelled pungent odor that is wafted from a wood cabinet at a store? You might think that the odor is commonly found from new products and that it does not do any harm to our health, but that is certainly not the case. This irritating odor indicates that the board used contains high level of formaldehyde, which is known to be a human carcinogen. Medium level of formaldehyde exposure (>0.3 ppm) may cause eye irritation, headache, burning sensation in the throat and difficulty in breathing.

TOTO cares about their user’s safety and health. Therefore, the way TOTO combats this issue is by using wood materials that has been certified with E1 qualification. This European qualification certifies that the release of formaldehyde from the board is less than 0.1 ppm, hence, protecting the health of our users.


Every customer has their own specific ideas and preferences. To cater different customers’ requirements, we implement the idea of custom designs with modular concepts. With this modular nature, you can remove and rearrange these modules to give your wardrobe a new appearance and even bring these modules along with you when relocating.

Through thorough research and development, TOTO is able to come up with various modules coming in all functions and sizes while focusing on the ergonomic aspects simultaneously. Consequently, you’ll be able to experience a living space that looks exquisite and feels comfortable.


Application of lacquer as a coating material for wood surface has become a norm, but did you know that different handling will result into different outcome?

To achieve a smooth finishing, it starts off with selecting the right wood material. TOTO uses wood composites with consistent thickness and flatness. As the lacquer paint is sprayed onto the surface, no uneven palpable parts will be found. With the multi-later process of lacquering, it ensures that the quality of each panel will not be compromised.


One of the main reasons our customers choose TOTO to build their wardrobe is our after-sales service. Whenever you face any issues with your furniture, rest assured that our wardrobe experts will help you find a solution. In addition, our customers are entitled to enjoy a warranty period of 5 years after purchasing our wardrobe.

Looking to renovate your wardrobe or thinking about giving it a “facelift”? Book an Appointment with us and head over to our TOTO showroom today where our wardrobe experts will guide you through the entire process of making your dream wardrobe a reality.