06 Aug 2021

What is Washlet?

A Washlet is an electronic bidet toilet seat that is affixed on top of the toilet, replacing the standard toilet seat. Washlet introduced the custom of cleansing washing to a world that had long relied on the less sanitary and far less comfortable method of wiping with toilet paper. 

Since its conception, the Washlet has become the ultimate bidet choice. So what makes TOTO’s Washlet so special?


Precise, pleasant, air rich stream that keeps you clean. Pleasantly warm, it mimicks an inverted waterfall which gives you a more gratifying cleanse.

It covers the rear and front areas catering to both the female and male anatomy. It also saves water as each water droplet produced is infused with air, making the droplets bigger but with less water.


Air Drying with temperature control so instead of using toilet paper to dry yourself, warm air is used. This enhances your personal cleanliness as there’s no traces of tissue paper left on your body.


Try as you might, there are times when we emerge from the toilet and what’s deposited is so evident, it’s embarrassing.

To combat this, a highly effective deodorizing automatically takes place inside the toilet bowl both during and immediately after use, letting you leave the premises with your dignity still intact.


Did you know that having a warm toilet seat serves as an effective aid for muscular aches and discomfort? The heat therapy from the seat helps loosen stiff muscles and helps in relaxation. Similar to how you’d enjoy a warm bath, a warm toilet seat helps you destress and makes your blood flow easier.

The moment you approach the toilet, the seat begins rapidly warming to a comfortable temperature.


The self-opening and -closing toilet lid are activated through motion sensors. Eliminating the need to touch the toilet surfaces, the lid automatically opens and closes when the toilet is approached and departed.


Mist of water sprayed onto the bowl prior to each use. The water sprayed makes it difficult for dirt and waste to accumulate hence, performing 80% better than traditional units.

By eliminating wastes more efficiently, this function encourages a cleaner bowl, hence, there isn’t a need for strong detergents that could in the long run, be harmful to both your toilet and your health.


Electrolyzed water often used in the sterilization processes in hospitals, food processing plants and directly on vegetables and fruits is available in the Washlet.

This technology helps sterilize water to eliminate bacteria and also suppresses and accumulation of waste and stains on the toilet bowl and wand.

The Washlet is a registered trademark of TOTOs’ that is used for their line of cleansing toilet seats that incorporates bathroom technologies in them for both hygiene and comfort purposes for both men and women. Since its conception, it has sold over 50 million units and remains to be the ultimate choice of bidets.

Washlet 50 mil

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