05 Sep 2022

Water-saving Technologies that helps save the environment

The environment plays a crucial role in healthy living and the existence of life on the planet earth. Earth is a home for various living species and organisms and we all are heavily dependent on the environment for basic necessities which includes water, air, food, and other needs.

However, over the years, humans have not been very good hosts of the Earth as many types of human activities have been carried out and attributed directly to the environmental disasters, which includes acid rain, deforestation, global warming, overpopulation, pollution, and many more.

Therefore, in order to protect the environment and preserve the planet for our children and future generations, we all need to take proactive steps toward cleaner living habits.

TOTO is no exception. Even with their continuous efforts in developing new, advanced products with the latest technologies, TOTO makes certain to put their upmost focus and attention in their part to contribute and take care of the environment as well. And they do so by developing water-saving technologies that help in conserving water.


A technology incorporated in TOTO’s WASHLET, AIR-IN WONDER WAVE technology integrates air into water droplets to create a more comfortable washing experience.

The alternating slow and fast flow rate engineered in the technology allows air to be trapped in the water droplets, leading to create a 30% larger water droplet. With the aerated water flow, it actually promotes a more thorough cleansing with minimal water usage.

Moreover, the water stream is warm for a more pleasurable cleansing experience and is warmed instantly whenever needed, hence you don’t have to worry about running out of warm water.


Another water-saving technology we have is EWATER+. EWATER+ is also referred to as electrolyzed water, and this is mostly used in our high-tech toilet bowls and WASHLETS as well.

How it works is EWATER+ is produced by the electrolysis of the sodium chloride ions in ordinary tap water. Electrolyzing regular tap water produces a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, which is a powerful cleaning agent. It is completely free of added chemicals or harsh cleaning agents and harmless to people, making it an environmentally friendly technology. EWATER+ will be periodically sprayed onto the bidet wand as well as the toilet bowl.

And the reason why it’s also considered a water-saving technology is due to the fact that it returns to ordinary tap water after two hours.


Today, especially with COVID-19 still living among us, showers have never been more essential. Not just in thoroughness, but also in frequency. Naturally, water conservation in this aspect becomes more imperative as well. Whether you’re using a hand or fixed shower, upgrading your shower head can help save water.

And TOTO’s AERIAL SHOWER technology is the answer. It is a technology installed in our showers which uses less water to envelop your body in the same comforting stream. Similar to AIR-IN WONDER WAVE, AERIAL SHOWER efficiently aerates the water as it comes out of the shower head and hand shower, enlarging the water droplets while maintaining the same amount of water flow.

The result is a shower that has a more luxurious feel yet uses less water consumption.


If we wish to sustain our activities over a longer time period, then the solution is to conserve water. And one of the easiest methods to start is to replace manual faucets with touchless faucets, as they give you better control over the dispensing of water.

Our range of touchless faucets not only improves hygiene and sanitization, but some models are incorporated with TOTO’s ECOCAP technology, which are aerated bubble that adds air to the water stream to achieve full water jet without using more water. In other words, ECOCAP allows you to wash your hands with a clean conscience, as this intelligent TOTO technology significantly reduces water consumption.

Furthermore, these touchless faucets also generate their own electricity, making it environmentally friendly as well.

The good news is that it’s often not too difficult or inconvenient to become more nature-friendly. Here at TOTO, we are constantly evolving bathrooms, incorporating sleek and environmentally friendly features in our range of products. And with TOTO’s water-saving and environmentally friendly technologies, just imagine how much we can contribute to save our planet.