10 May 2022

Wash Your Hands With TOTO Touchless Soap Dispenser

Now that people are no longer restricted from going out and travelling around places, hygiene and cleanliness have never been so crucial. It is important to note that we are still living in a global pandemic as COVID-19 still exists among our society. This means that crowded places such as supermarkets, theme parks, transportation hubs, and shopping malls, are still easily prone and vulnerable to the virus. Door knobs, escalator rails, elevator buttons, these are some of the objects that we touch daily without knowing the amount of bacteria it contains on its respective surfaces. Therefore, sanitization should be everyone’s top priority when going out to public areas.

Statistics from Kindergarten in US

One of the solutions to minimize the chances of being infected by the virus would be washing our hands, particularly with soap. And to effectively do this without spreading on the germs and bacteria, soap dispensers are preferred rather than a shared bar soap.

Soap dispensers are normally made available in public spaces such as restrooms, mostly in shopping malls. Moreover, the number of soap dispensers that have been added has increase tremendously ever since the pandemic began due to the fact that people are now required to wash their hands frequently. However, there are several concerns in regards to soap dispensers such as soap problems whether it’s too watery or soapy, malfunctioning whereby it’s either not working or there’s too much dripping, and constant maintenance in which it requires frequent replenishing. To overcome these common problems, TOTO has developed a product that not only promotes cleanliness, but also reduces physical contact simultaneously.

Introducing TOTO Touchless Soap Dispenser. TOTO Touchless Soap Dispenser guarantees hygiene and sanitization, mainly because you do not need to physically touch the dispenser with your hands or elbows for it to function. All you have to do is to place your hands near the soap dispenser and it will detect your hand and dispense the soap automatically. Sounds like any other automatic soap dispensers, right? Let’s see what makes TOTO Touchless Soap Dispenser so exceptional.

Fine Foaming

TOTO uses Fine Foaming technology in its’ soap dispensers, mixing air and soap and meshing it together through a mixing chamber to become small bubbles from big ones.

Washing our hands have become a daily necessity. By always applying soap, your hands will eventually become dry whereas using foam is actually less drying for the hands. Moreover, with liquid soap, high usage of water is required in order to lather the soap and wash your hands. Using foaming soap helps in saving more water as the soap has already lathered, hence less water is used, making it environmentally-friendly.


Conventional automatic soap dispensers might have the issue of not responding when asking for more soap after detecting it the first time.

TOTO Touchless Soap Dispenser makes sure that every time you ask for more foaming soap, you’re answered.

Not only that, TOTO ensures that every time you release your hand from the dispenser, it stops almost immediately to ensure that there is no dripping, or at least minimum dripping.


Did you know many individuals do not know how to operate automatic soap dispensers as they are not commonly found in Malaysia? Surprising, isn’t it?

People think that they need to press onto the nozzle for the soap to dispense, which is not the case. By doing so, you’re actually blocking the soap from coming out and when it flows back into the dispenser itself, it will eventually create corrosion. Overtime, due to this internal corrosion, you’ll need to replace the entire soap dispenser. Consequently, you can hurt yourself as the soap might splatter towards your eyes, especially children who plays with the dispenser.

The way TOTO combats this issue is by ensuring that its Touchless Soap Dispenser flows downward through small escape holes designed directly in the spout itself. Therefore, instead of flowing backwards, it flows down through the escape holes (refer to image below) which reduces the chances of internal corrosion in the first place.

Escape holes in the spout

In summary, soap dispensers, specifically automatic ones, are getting exposure and awareness gradually in Malaysia, since they are a simple method for people to keep their hands clean and stay hygienic. However, since the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are various factors that should be considered before buying a soap dispenser.

Therefore, if you are looking for something that is cost-effective, efficient, and saves more water, TOTO Touchless Soap Dispenser is your best option.