15 Feb 2022

Types of Washlet

Bidet seats are common to find in bathrooms these days, even in Malaysia. With the advancement of technology, people are now looking to enhance their toilet experience while minimizing physical touch and effort to clean themselves after using the toilet, more so during this current global pandemic.

Here at TOTO, we offer a variety of bidet seats that caters to every individual to fulfill different needs and requirements.

These bidet seats include Washlet, Washlet+ and EcoWasher.


Washlet is TOTO’s signature product. It is a trademarked electronic bidet seat cover, in which the cleansing functions are integrated into the toilet seat which includes Auto Open / Close Function, Air-In Wonderwave, Deodorizer, Warm-Air Dryer, Heated Seat, EWater+, and Premist.

The purpose of Washlet is to elevate hygiene whilst saving water, making it the ultimate bidet choice for many.

To find out more about our Washlet technology : https://watelier.com.my/what-is-washlet/


Making it possible to pursue beautiful design, Washlet+ is a new series of Washlet and toilet sets combined with no display of water supply hose and electrical cord inside.

In other words, it is the combination of an electronic bidet seat cover coupled on Rimless Tornado toilet bowl with Concealed Features, which gives it an elegant appearance while making cleaning easier at the same time.


EcoWasher is a manual bidet cleansing seat cover that allows you to experience hygiene and cleanliness at your own comfort.

It does not require any power supply to function and the spray nozzle operates solely by water pressure, eliminating unnecessary splashes during washing and keeping your bathroom clean and dry at all times.

EcoWasher is dedicated to minimalists who prefer one main function over elaborated ones.

All 3 types of Washlet serves the same purpose; to elevate hygiene and cleanliness while enhancing your bathroom experience.

With TOTO’s selection of bidet seats, rest assured that your hygiene and comfort experience will be like no other.