21 Apr 2022

Types of Bathtub Materials

What does one look for when searching for a bathtub?

Design? Cost? Quality? Durability?

Most homeowners base their selection of bathtub materials on price, cleanability and durability. Other factors to take into consideration are weight, sustainability and heat retention.

With TOTO’s selection of bathtub materials to choose from, rest assured that we’ve got it all covered to find the perfect bathtub for you and your bathroom.

TOTO’s variety of bathtub materials are inclusive of Acrylic, Pearl Acrylic, Enameled Cast Iron, and Galalato.

Acrylic & Pearl Acrylic

Acrylic and Pearl Acrylic bathtubs are the most common ones in the current market. It is made out of vacuum-formed sheets of acrylic and is often combined with fiberglass for extra durability.

Acrylic is lightweight, making installation on any level of the home easier. Furthermore, it’s easy to maintain, repairable, and damage-resistant.

It’s the perfect material for a large variety of bathtub shapes and sizes due to its soft and supple quality.

Enameled Cast Iron

Enameled Cast Iron bathtubs are classic-looking bathtubs designed in the 1880s. It is made with iron fused with porcelain, cast in the desired shape, and finished with a coated layer of enamel which protects it from chipping and helps make cleaning easier.

Cast Iron bathtubs are usually both scratch-resistant and crack-resistant.


Galalato bathtubs are made of Galalato artificial marble and constructed using TOTO’s innovative sandwich configuration, offering outstanding durability. Furthermore, layers of fiberglass are formed into the shape of the bathtub and finished with plastic coating.

The Galalato solid surface material resists stains and retains heat for a gratifying and relaxing bath experience.

TOTO bathtubs are designed to maximize the little time you have for yourself while enhancing your bathroom ambience.

Not only does our bathtubs cleanse your body, but it also entice you to soak yourself in the upmost comfort and relaxation.