22 Dec 2021
TOTO Toilets

TOTO Toilets

Design? Comfort? Sustainability? Hygiene?

What does one normally look for in a toilet?

With TOTO’s wide range of well-designed toilets, rest assured that we’ve covered it all. From design to comfort to sustainability to hygiene, TOTO toilets are designed to enhance your bathroom experience.

Through continuously incorporating technology into various products, TOTO represents the next generation of washroom products.

Ranging from several designs, TOTO toilets are able to blend seamlessly with your bathroom.

TOTO toilet designs include the Neorest collection (Smart Toilets), One-Piece Toilets, Close-Coupled Toilets, Wall Hung Toilets, and Wall Faced Toilets.


TOTO’s Smart Toilet collection, Neorest, is an integrated Washlet and toilet that has fully automated functions and technology that eliminates bacteria. From technology like EWATER+ to TOTO’s special powerful coating, CEFIONTECT, you will be able to enhance your personal bathroom experience like never before.


One-Piece Toilets showcase a single, integrated tank and bowl design. This single unit makes for easier cleaning and maintaining. Design that boasts sleekness, the toilet is able to blend seamlessly into any bathroom.


Classic configuration and flexible to any budget, Close-Coupled Toilets are available in a wide variety of designs. These toilets have their bowls and tank seperated with a skirted design for easier moving and lifting.


TOTO’s Wall Hung toilet opens up bathroom spaces, creating a more convenient and comfortable experience. This particular toilet is lifted from the floor to optimize space and allow easy cleaning. In addition, you can pair such toilets with any of TOTO’s in-wall tank systems to further improve its function and performance.


Similar to the Wall Hung toilets, Wall Faced toilets helps in creating a spacious atmosphere. Wall Faced Toilets are installed onto a wall, leaving no gap between the toilet and wall. The absence of gap between the toilet and the wall helps eliminate any space for dirt to accumulate hence, it is easier to clean.

All toilet models come with the option for a soft close seat and Washlet upgrade.

The bathroom is normally the first place you go when you wake up and the last place you go before you sleep.

TOTO offers a variation of toilet products to ease your bathroom experience and guarantees complete satisfaction. With TOTO’s 100 years of experience in the sanitary ware industry, rest assured that the products are the result of thorough research and dedication.