03 Jan 2023

TOTO Fittings Collections

Understated but essential; that is TOTO’s Design Philosophy.

Fittings are meant to beautify one’s home, and even more, to help bring out the best in any home’s interior design and aesthetic. And that’s what TOTO Fittings are all about – Exceptional quality and outstanding performance that blends perfectly with design. Our streamlined series of fittings emanate elegance and sophistication without sacrificing quality and performance.

With that, let’s take a look at some of TOTO’s latest fittings collections and its design inspirations.

GM Series

First off, the GM series. The ‘M’ stands for majestic, and it is a portrayal of the Japanese Torii gates which can be located in the cities and suburbs of Japan itself. It represents the gateway from the past to the future, marking the boundary between the ordinary and sacred space.

The idea of this design is a simple inverted arc with its beautifully curved, highly reflective top that is paying homage to the Torii, becoming the main feature of the design. The verticality of the pillars is the secondary feature symbolizing modernity. The GM series is a mixture of traditional and elegance, making it a transitional, timeless design.

GB Series

Next up, the GB series in which the ‘B’ stands for balance. This GB series is equipped with stately squareness and beveled edges that imbue a space with dignity, and also allows seamless installation and usage.

It has a very well-balanced, slim and square design due to both horizontal and vertical lines are crossing with one another harmoniously, making it sleek yet simple. And it makes it relatively easy to pair with a minimalist concept basin as well.

GC Series

Now, the GC series whereby the ‘C’ stands for compose. This design is inspired by the Japanese Bonsho bell in which was used to summon monks to prayer as well as representing the demarcation of time.

The main focus of this fitting is the bottom base whereby it is designed to pay homage to the bell’s curved shape, portraying solidity and stability. And through the GC series, you will be able to experience the breadth and symbolism of classical design in a contemporary form.

GF Series

The GF series. ‘F’ stands for fine and reason why is because of the refined cylinder and fine finish, inspiring a high-end, luxury feel. The body and spout of the fitting is rounded and the handle is slightly flat and long, giving the joints and gaps an advantage by the simple shape.

The delicate workmanship on the GF series develops a polished finish that generates a rich contrast in textures that provide a delightful feel to the touch.

GE Series

Lastly, the GE series in which ‘E’ stands for elegance. The design is a representation of a Japanese Katana or ‘Reflection of Light’. This is because of the dynamic faceted surfaces of the Katana itself, resembling the beauty of traditional craft in a characteristic, sculptural form.

The refined edges and flat surfaces combined together gives a sense of implied motion and sleekness that fits the GE series design aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of futuristic design.

These are just some of the latest fittings collections that we have. Of course, we have many other collections as well which you can find out more here.

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