02 Nov 2020

TOTO Cleanovation

Bathroom, toilet, water closet, and restroom- no matter what you call it, everybody uses it. As far as bathroom technology goes, TOTO has been consistently combining advanced functions and timeless designs whilst fulfilling the high demands on cleanliness and hygiene.

Being an advocate of cleanliness, TOTO has come up with its very own philosophy which positions cleanliness as a fundamental value through its brand message – TOTO Cleanovation.

TOTO Cleanovation
Clean gives a peace of mind
Clean makes life beautiful
Clean feels refreshing
Clean is caring for people and the planet
Clean brings wellness to everyday life

TOTO innovation brings a new world of clean to life, enriching every moment of every day.

TOTO continues to push the envelope with their pursuit of technological innovation in order to achieve “cleanliness that enriches everyday life”. TOTO does this by taking a look at their existing technologies and products and revolutionizing them with their latest integrated toilet, Neorest NX, which is known for its cutting-edge functions and design.

TOTO’s ambition to technological innovation comes without taking a toll on the environment. In commitment to the protection of water resources, TOTO has been releasing water-efficient products and promoting them globally. TOTO’s commitment to protecting the environment can be seen even back in 1976 when TOTO engineered their toilets to achieve 35% of water saved compared to earlier toilets through using 13 liters with each flush. Now with many countries trying to combat water shortage problems, the regulations on the volume of water used per flush varies. TOTO has since then come up with a water saving technology of using only 3.8 liters per flush hence adhering to the regulations set, making their toilets acceptable in many