01 Sep 2021
Security of TOTO's Touchless faucet

The Security of TOTO’s Touchless Faucets

We touch a variety of things in the course of our daily lives. However since the COVID-19 global pandemic began, we have become much more conscious about what we touch. Everyday things like elevator buttons, doorknobs, railings, and of course public restroom fixtures have become an avoidance. 

Hand washing has become more important than ever but even so, we become nervous every time we have to touch a restroom fixture.

So what we need right now is the ability to activate things without touching them like flushing without touching the toilet or washing our hands without touching the faucet.

In other words, we want the security of using public restrooms without the worry about becoming infected. This has made touchless products essential.

For decades, TOTO has been engineering and marketing touchless products that provide a better way to ensure cleanliness.

One of the main fixture in a public restroom is faucets. Everybody must use them but they are also where bacteria easily accumulates. 


Alarming, isn’t it?

But with TOTO’s Touchless Faucets, you can wash your hands without touching anything which makes hand washing hygienic and safe.

TOTO’s Touchless Faucets aren’t just safe, they are incorporated with state of the art features. 

Quick and Accurate Hand Detection

The miniature sensors at the tip, receives even the smallest hand movement. Water is released as soon as you place your hands under the spout and stops as soon as you remove them.

This doesn’t happen with conventional faucets. Sensors in conventional faucets are located at the base of the faucet which makes it difficult to activate and frustrating to use.

Since TOTO released its first touchless faucet in 1984, we have continued to improve our sensors detection and water release technologies.

By significantly reducing the sensors size, TOTO is able to design a wide array of sleek, elegant touchless faucets. 

Soft Flow

Another TOTO Innovation is our Soft Flow water technology that is precisely balanced individual water streams that gently caresses the skin as you wash your hands, with virtually no splash. The sensation is soft, yet luxurious and robust. 


By innovating water saving technology such as eco cap which infuses the water stream with air, we’ve also reduced our faucets water consumption. 

Self-Learning Sensor

The self-learning sensor technology in TOTO Touchless Faucets is a smart sensor technology that automatically detect the lavatory’s material properties and the faucets distance to the basin, preventing malfunction. This means TOTO’s Touchless Faucet are ideal for any lavatories, regardless of its size or material. 

Self-Power Technology

These faucets don’t require any connection to an electrical source. If you’re wondering why they don’t need a power supply, its because the faucet generates its own energy.

TOTO’s proprietary hydro power technology, generates its own energy each time the water spins a small internal turbine. Stored electricity powers the faucets sensor which control the water flow. Only a small amount of energy is needed for the faucet to generate its own power, making this product not only providing a comfortable, safe experience, but also an environmentally friendly one.

Touchless Faucets guarantee the utmost in cleanliness. In addition to ensuring the ultimate in hygiene, these smart-sensor faucets conserve water by releasing it only when activated. This is especially beneficial for faucets in public restrooms, as these contact-free faucets considerably reduce the transmission of bacteria, germs and viruses. In 2021, TOTO has introduced a wide array of sleek, high design faucets to complement any restroom décor.

TOTO’s promise to you is a lifestyle that is clean, comfortable, convenient and safe, now and in the future.