Your favourite place to start the day, our collections transform your bath experience into something out of this world.
[Catalog2020]_Intergrated Toilet WASHLET


Our signature WASHLET’s advanced, user-friendly system enhances your hygiene and comfort. Feel fresh and clean with its water cleansing system and warm air for comfortable drying. A truly revolutionary toilet experience.

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Immerse yourself in meditative moments and float like an astronaut with our Zero Dimension technology. Release your tension and feel deeply relaxed with a deeply stimulating and dynamic water massage.

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The future of toilet technology is here with Neorest. With multiple innovations that make it easier to clean, the Neorest Collection exemplifies the synergy synergy between exquisite craftsmanship and technology.

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ALISEI emanates simplicity in style. The collection conveys the positive effects and efficiency of a rectangular shape and was influenced by trade winds.



Simplicity in form and sophistication in function defines the HAYON Collection. Inspired by the curves and contours of the human body, it is a smooth and sensual showcase that is an absolute delight.

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Characterised by its sensuous curvilinear shape, the Le Muse Collection’s clean, timeless appearance creates a cozy atmosphere while producing an ultra-modern and harmonic experience. Inspired by the muses of Greek Mythology.



With shapes that are reminiscent of a droplet of water, the AVANTE Collection evokes a sense of peace and relaxation. The fluid, flowing form incites a tranquil and meditative atmosphere.



The TOJA Collection exudes fluidity, clarity and character with its well-defined lines and grand impression. It is derived from the Sanskrit word toja which means water.



A collection that portrays classic designs, the WENZAL Collection will impress you with its graceful lines and time-honoured compositions.



Indulge in supreme comfort and tranquility in our well-designed bathtubs. Feel relaxed perfectly,whether immersing in a long soak or grabbing a moment of peace amidst your busy day.



Turn your bathrooms into a stylish space with our wide variety of streamlined basins designed for comfort and practicality. Made from earth-friendly materials, they are simply beautiful.



Using our core philosophy of minimalist sensibility, our fittings emanate elegance and sophistication. Made with distinctive finishes, they blend harmoniously with your bathroom decor.



Be spoiled for choice with our range of bathroom accessories made to complement your bathrooms. You’ll find clean, sleek designs in a simple and distinctive form that add a fresh, contemporary look.

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We specialise in crafting spaces which offer comfortable, healthful and hygienic lifestyles. Explore our clean and sustainable washroom designs utlising the latest technology to provide a user-friendly experience while preserving the environment.


TOTO is like “the one” you have been searching for all this time. Fall in love and go crazy with TOTO’s extraordinary beauty and power. Nothing could stop you from TOTO. Begin to kick all other trashy designs and start building your bathroom effortlessly.