16 Mar 2022

Introduction to Neorest

The future of smart toilet is here with TOTO Neorest.

TOTO Neorest is an Integrated Smart Water Closet with Fully Automated Functions designed to be seamless and noiseless.

Through thorough research and development, TOTO Neorest Collections are structured in a way to ensure that every shape and part has a specific meaning to it, hence, it appears seamless and elegant yet it provides comfort and functionality.

Adhering to their Life Anew concept, TOTO believes in innovating and improving automated technologies to stay align with their design philosophy; Wellness, Cleanliness, Design, Sustainability, and Hospitality.

TOTO continues to pursue technological innovation in order to achieve “cleanliness that enriches everyday life”.

TOTO has made it possible to achieve ‘Clean Synergy’ with TOTO Neorest, making your toilet reappear clean anew every time.

TOTO Neorest Technology


Using air rich water droplets to create a more comfortable washing experience and provide more detailed cleansing with less water usage, AIR-IN WONDER WAVE technology ensures that you’re always kept clean.

Furthermore, the water delivered is warm and will be warmed instantly when required. With that, you no longer need to worry about running out of warm water.


TOTO’s Cleansing Spray Patterns ensures that every single individuals’ needs and requirements are fulfilled with the upmost comfort and sanitization. In addition to that, you can also adjust the position and water pressure of the wand for the ultimate personalization experience (as shown below).


Clean ceramic surface like no other. CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl, leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold.

It ensures that the ceramic is so perfectly smooth to the extent where no uneven surface can accommodate wastes. The hydrophilic nature of the ceramic repels water, making it impossible for stain to occur and forcing wastes to slide down easily.


360° cleaning power reaches every spot using less water.

This TORNADO FLUSH technology is an integral feature in TOTO’s Clean Synergy. The flushing function cleans and flushes both rim and bowl in a powerful yet soundless motion, creating a whirlpool effect that reaches every point of the bowl.


The design of the toilet bowl’s rim is completely free and open, and does not include any ceramic lip. This ensures that dirt and bacteria aren’t able to accumulate in the very beginning.

With RIMLESS DESIGN, it makes it possible to clean the toilet bowl far more easily, quickly and thoroughly without any hassle.


What is E-WATER+?

E-WATER+ is electrolyzed water which includes Hypochlorous acid (well known for clean agent) commonly used in sterilization procedures in places such as hospitals, food processing plants and also directly on vegetables and fruits.

This technology helps sterilize water to eliminate bacteria and also suppresses and accumulation of waste and stains on both the toilet bowl and wand.

Over time, this electrolyzed water will turn back into the usual tap water, making it a water-saving and environmentally-friendly feature.


PREMIST is a jet of water sprayed automatically onto the surface of the toilet bowl before each use, making it difficult for dirt and stain to stay on it.

Due to the ceramic’s hydrophilic nature, waste washes away more easily, hence, you won’t have to use strong cleaning detergents which can cause harm to both your toilet and personal health.


Aiming to provide convenience with its ease of use and increase the level of hygiene, the self-opening and closing toilet lid eliminates the need to touch the toilet surfaces.

The lid automatically opens and closes when the toilet is approached and departed and is activated through motion sensors.


With TOTO’s AUTO FLUSH technology, you’ll never need to worry about whether you flushed your toilet or not. This technology helps you to flush your toilet automatically once you’re done using it.

No need to touch buttons or handles and never worry about someone forgetting to flush — it’s automatic after each use.


The moment you approach the toilet, the seat begins to warm itself rapidly to a comfortable temperature.

A warm toilet seat helps you destress and makes blood flow easier which helps in preventing numbness on your behind, similar to how you’d enjoy a warm bath.


AIR DRYING with temperature control whereby warm air is used, reduces the usage of toilet paper to dry yourself up. This enhances your personal cleanliness and hygiene as there will be no traces of tissue paper left on your body which also helps in saving the environment.

The individually adjustable dryer follows the warm water spray to ensure a dry, clean overall sensation.


Most of the time, after completing your no.2, an unwanted, unpleasant odor permits the entire bathroom, causing you to be left embarrassed.

With TOTO DEODORIZER, a highly effective deodorizing automatically takes places inside the toilet bowl both during and immediately after use, leaving no disturbing odors for the next user to trace upon.


Most people make their way to the toilet in the middle of the night and it’s either too dark where there’s no sense of light, or too bright once you on the light switch.

With TOTO’s SOFT LIGHT technology, a subdued lighting switches on when the toilet is approached so that users do not have to disturb themselves at night with a bright bathroom light.

TOTO Neorest is an integrated Washlet and toilet equipped with technologies to enhance your personal and bathroom hygiene like never before. Every moment of every day, enjoy the cleanliness and comforts of Life Anew with TOTO Neorest, the future of toilet technology.