30 Mar 2021

International Sanitary and Heating (ISH) 2021 Exhibition

This year’s International Sanitary and Heating (ISH) exhibition was held entirely digitally for the first time due to the global pandemic. The exhibition that is usually annually held in Frankfurt, Germany, is the world’s leading trade fair for bathrooms, buildings, heating, air conditioning, renewable energy.

The top theme of this year’s ISH was related to solutions to meet the growing expectations for hygiene against the backdrop of COVID-19 with bathroom hygiene being one of the main topics.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, bathroom hygiene has been redefined. Not only is it of great importance now, it has become a necessity towards protecting ourselves.

TOTO’s main concept, “TOTO CLEANOVATION”, conveys exactly that. Since its founding, TOTO considers cleanliness to be a universal and essential value for realizing a “Life Anew” that enriches lives with improving the security, beauty, vigor, environment, thoughtfulness, and wellness of people throughout the world.

Through the ISH digital platform, TOTO conducted three lectures:

  • When Star Architects Design Public Toilets: Tadao Ando, Shigeru Ban and Fumihiko Maki Show Their Innovative Concepts
  • Not Every Toilet is Hygiene- But Every TOTO Toilet Is
  • Why WASHLET is More Than Just a Shower Toilet

The lectures articulated TOTO’s commitment to the kind of refreshing cleanliness that promotes peace of mind and wellness through its technological innovations that enrich people’s new normal way of life.

Besides the lectures, a special website was created for audiences to gain a better understanding on TOTO’s innovations


The site introduces TOTO Cleanovation and presents TOTO’s Neorest & Smart Toilet, Washlets, Faucets, and educates audiences on TOTO’s Clean Synergy and the security of going touchless.


TOTO’s NEOREST & SMART TOILET introduces the integrated bidet toilet. The site introduces the different types of Neorests available with explanation on the function of the technologies that cater to your well-being.

CLEAN SYNERGY offers an educative walk through TOTO’s cleaning technologies that work synergistically and elevates your bathroom hygiene as well as your hygiene



THE SECURITY OF TOUCHLESS explains that with the ever-growing concern on germ transmission in public areas, going touchless provides a convenient security to our bathroom experiences.


Going touchless reduces the amount of contact and hence reduces the risk of germ transmission.

ISH 2021 may be over but you can continue to view the TOTO special website by clicking on the link below