08 Aug 2022

How TOTO provides a better lifestyle for you

Creating an enriched and comfortable lifestyle and culture has always been TOTO’s vision. And this vision has lasted over a century, serving as the drive of TOTO’s success story together with our workmanship and sales activities.

In relation to a letter written by TOTO’s first ever president, Kazuchika Okura, it expresses the idea that “kindness must always come first” and states that our goal should be to provide good products and satisfy the customer. And by achieving that, profit and compensation will follow through.

This unchanging vision has been carried on from one generation to another throughout the years, even until today. And how TOTO aims to provide a better lifestyle to their fans all over the world is through three global themes of the vision; Cleanliness and Comfort, Environment, and Relationships.

Cleanliness and Comfort

Cleanliness and Comfort is one of the three global themes of the TOTO Global Environmental Vision. To help us accomplish this theme, TOTO has established the goals of “realize cleanliness and comfort throughout the world” and “pursue ease of use for everyone” and is working to deliver clean and comfortable toilets on a universal basis.

To create clean and comfortable toilets for our users, TOTO developed a range of clean technologies, each of it having its very own unique feature. These technologies include EWATER+, CEFIONTECT, RIMLESS DESIGN, TORNADO FLUSH, and non-contact technology such as TOUCHLESS. Based on TOTO CLEANOVATION, derived from the words “CLEAN” and “INNOVATION,” we will communicate our three values for the continuation of clean innovation to our fans globally.


Environment is another of the three global themes of the vision. For this theme, TOTO has established the goals of “protect our limited water resources and connect with the future,” “undertake initiatives to fight global warming and coexist with the earth,” and “aim for sustainable development together with local communities,” and are taking part in various efforts to realize these goals. Based on these goals, we are working to “alleviate water stress through the widespread adoption of water-saving products,” “achieve carbon neutrality,” and “conduct social contribution activities entrenched in local communities.”

As a distributor of bathroom, kitchen and wardrobe products, TOTO believes that they have the responsibility to answer to the issue of depletion of water resources, as it significantly impacts our daily lives. Accordingly, to promote the reduction of water consumption during product use, TOTO develops water-efficient and comfortable products and distributes them worldwide.


Relationships is the last of the three global themes of the vision. For this theme, TOTO established the goals of “build deep, long-lasting relationships with customers,” “offer cultural support and contribute to society for the next generation,” and “create and share joy in work together,” and are working to improve customer satisfaction, encourage employee involvement in volunteer activities, and promote employee-friendly working environments.

We provide consultations and recommendations at our showroom to ensure that customers leave with a peace of mind after purchasing our products. We also construct various efforts to respond to any queries or concerns our customers may have when using our products. In addition, we provide after-sales services that focus on being fast, reliable, and respectful. And through these efforts, we believe that we will continue to build strong, long-lasting relationships of trust and loyalty with our customers.

With these three global themes of the vision always in mind, we will work to ensure this vision gets passed along to future generations by delivering safe and reliable TOTO-brand products and services to customers around the world.