26 Feb 2021


Produced through the electrolysis of ordinary tap water, it breaks down the chloride ion into hypochlorous acid which as a result can be used as a disinfectant.

Completely free of chemicals, this natural disinfectant helps eliminate toxic substances and over time, returns to ordinary water, making it completely environmentally friendly. Electrolyzed water often used in the sterilization processes in hospitals, food processing plants and directly on vegetables and fruits. With this in mind, TOTO incorporated the solution into our toilets.

This technology helps sterilize water to eliminate bacteria and also suppresses the accumulation of waste and stains on the toilet bowl and wand.

EWATER+ for Bowl

EWATER+ washes the toilet bowl where waste and bacteria tend to accumulate and product stains that can become permanent.

Effects of EWATER+



EWATER+ prevents mircroscopic bacteria from accumulating hence, no chemicals or cleaning agents are needed to keep you bathroom fresh and sanitary.


EWATER+ for Wand

Before and after each use, the wand automatically washes itself with EWATER+. This thorough cleaning occurs inside the wand as well as all around the exterior. Even when the toilet is not being used, the wand periodically cleans itself to ensure constant hygienic conditions.

Self-cleaning Wand


Made of high-quality waste-resistant resin and automatically sprayed with EWATER+ after each use, the wand is extremely resistant to waste and stains. What’s more, the wand attaches to the seat, not the bowl, so waste is less likely to even reach it. Though the wand is self-cleaning, you will appreciate how easily you can reach it and wipe it spotless.


Continuing TOTO’s goal to design clean, safe, and eco-friendly products, the EWATER+ feature was developed to reduce staining, odour, and the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your toilet, you can use electrolyzed water which has been dubbed as nature’s disinfectant. A lot of cleaning agents available can release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOC) which can irritate eyes, throat and cause skin problems once exposed for a period of time. The cleaning agents are also highly corrosive and can shorten the lifespan of the valve in the cistern. It is also harmful to the environment as the cleaning agents contain chemicals that releases toxins into the air.

EWATER+ is part of TOTO’s Clean Synergy. Clean Synergy offers a sustainable way to bring a whole new sense of cleanliness to life. Among the innovative technologies from Clean Synergy are EWATER+, CEFIONTECT, PREMIST and TORNADO FLUSH.

EWATER+ is featured in TOTO’s Neorest series, Washlet and Urinals.