20 Mar 2023

Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang

Well known for its luxurious accommodations and classical design, the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, popularly known as the ‘E&O’, is an all-suite luxury hotel and the only one with a seafront view located in the heart of George Town, Penang. Whether you’re a local or an overseas traveller, this exclusive 5-star hotel built in 1885 will definitely make you feel in awe with its beauty and classic, traditional design.

The E&O Hotel consists of 2 wings; the Heritage Wing and the Victory Annexe. The iconic Heritage Wing is the first site and historical heart of the hotel which has a total of 100 elegant suites to welcome their guests from all over the world. In December 2019, the Heritage Wing went through an entire refurbishment work and as a result of the makeover, the hotel finally came in full circle and was finally able to once again become the leading destination in classic hospitality with new facilities and premium privileges – providing an even more pleasurable experience for their guests.

The Victory Annexe on the other hand, is an extended wing which opened in 2013, putting its mark in the history of E&O. Featuring 118 Studio Suites and 14 Corner Suites, the Victory Annexe is designed as such to attract modern travellers while maintaining the classic ambience and charm that represents the E&O.

With that being said, we are extremely delighted that TOTO was selected as the preferred brand to supply its bathroom wares to the entire E&O Hotel. Because after coming from such a long way, the E&O has not only become the hotel of choice for travellers, but also a part of Penang’s pride and heritage.