25 Dec 2021
Kita Jaga Kita

Darurat Banjir – Kita Jaga Kita

Our hearts go out to the flood victims and families affected by the devastating floods last weekend.

With our headquarters located in Shah Alam, we saw first hand the damage it has done to thousands of homes and livelihoods.

Here at W.Atelier, we wanted to extend a helping hand by creating a donation drive amongst our staff.
As the items were urgently needed and with most of our staff living in Shah Alam, we weren’t able to accumulate a lot but we were glad to be of support to the wonderful charity organizations assisting the victims.

We would like to thank our staff for their contributions as well as Selangor Library for facilitating a platform for us to support the victims.

Do lend a helping hand, wherever possible, to those in need.

Thank you and Merry Christmas