W.Atelier makes about us being about you. We turn houses into homes through Ikigai.


Our mission is to help you find joy in your home. So what makes us tick?

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected of places. A friend. A good shower. Sitting on the toilet perhaps? For W.Atelier, it’s you. When we aren’t busy building homes, you’ll find us building new friendships over a cuppa with people like you. 

It is through the joy of serving you that W.Atelier founders found passion in their vocation and pushed us through our most difficult moments and became our singular purpose; our Ikigai.

In emulating the Japanese values of commitment and quality, our principal TOTO became a strong right arm. Together, we brought the best of Japanese innovation and technology into your homes for over two decades and counting. 

You have become our Ikigai. Now it is our commitment to help you find yours.

  • Our passion: seeing customers’ smiles become reason to wake up in the morning.
  • Our contribution: helping people achieve their Ikigai through their homes
  • Our strength: specialised expertise of TOTO and dedicated customer support team
  • Our clients: 3175 (customers and counting) have trusted us with their homes