The vision of TOTO Kitchen is not merely to develop a cooking area. Equipped by the latest technology in the industry and experienced craftsmanship, the concept of a kitchen is redefined. While focusing on the functionality, we go to great lengths to create a totol look, ingeniously concealing appliances, whilst exposing only the beauty of the most important family rooms in your home.

Using a modular system, a kitchen set is developed specifically to meet your requirements. The idea of the modular system is like the famous interlocking plastic building blocks named LEGO.It is intentionally designed in various models,sizes,and colors. By combining these blocks together,any fabulous designs could be born. The same concept is applied in the modular system,in which modules are developed in different models,sizes and colors. A kitchen is then built by combining specific modules that meet your requirements together.

Above: A complete hanging kitchen set which is composed by many different modules: tall unit for broom module,tall unit open shelves module,tall unit for appliances, and several other modules.